Arcadian Symphony

The title Arcadian Symphony refers to that mysterious and rustic paradise, the idyllic classical haunt of poets and musicians where past and future intersect. Accordingly the symphony uses formal, harmonic and contrapuntal gestures from classical and romantic suites and symphonies, and juxtaposes them with a modern sensibility and idiom. The work is in five movements: a central slow Theme and Variations is flanked by two dance-like intermezzi (Scherzo and Gavotte), while the atmospheric Overture and energetic Tarantella frame the Arcadian scene. The music explores the tensions between light and shadow, playfulness and seriousness, fantasy and taut structure. At the same time the work is a contemporary response and reflection on the works of Carl Reinecke (1824-1910), particularly his evocations of fairy tales.

Arcadian Symphony was awarded First Prize by the Southern Arizona Symphony Orchestra in 1998.

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