Rondino capriccioso

2001 Performance by the San Francisco Community Music Center Orchestra:

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Rondino Capriccioso (a “small capricious rondo”) was composed in October 2001 and premiered by the CMC Orchestra at the end of that year. This short piece is a tongue-in-cheek quodlibet or assembly of popular tunes that are interwoven throughout its entirety. Most of the melodies can be found in Carl Reinecke’s Musical Kindergarten, an 1890 anthology of short pieces and arrangements for beginning pianists. The primary theme is based on a Turkish march written by the deposed Sultan Mustafa V for his younger brother, the notorious Abdul Hamid II “The Red”. Other tunes that flit in and out of the texture include Haydn’s tune Austria and Home, Sweet Home; the latter is superimposed on the Dies Irae. For a fuller description, see the Reviews page.