Viol Music

Original compositions and arrangements by Michael Kimbell, also transcriptions by Edith and Michael Kimbell, arranged by number of instruments. Please click on a piece’s title (in the list below the “slide show” of first pages) to download the PDF free of charge. Pieces for 3 or more players include parts. Most tenor parts are readily playable on bass. (Note: one of the pieces below is for cello, not viola da gamba.)
Please contact us if you would like us to make you a transposed version, e.g. for treble viols.

COMING SOONSonnets, Chansons a2 (TB) by Jean de Castro
Volume 1: 27 songs in madrigal style, transcribed from the 1610 edition. Jean de Castro was the second best-selling composer of his time after Orlando di Lasso. Volume 2 will follow.

Appenzeller Kuhreien a2 (TT)
Anonymous rustic-sounding early 16th-century fantasia, based on Alpine horn calls ushering cows to summer pasture.

Fantasia a2 on “Een vrolic wesen by Michael Kimbell,
based on an anonymous 15th-century chanson melody. PDF contains three versions for TrT, TB and BB.

Je l’aime bien a2 (TT)
16th-century chanson by Jan Verdonck.

Lacrimae a2 (TB)
Players take turns playing John Dowland’s famous melody and contrapuntal accompaniments by Michael Kimbell.

O wie ist es kalt geworden a2 (TB)
19th-century popular song by Heinrich Hoffmann von Fallersleben, arranged by Michael Kimbell.

Preludes for Etti a2 (TB)
Four miniature preludes by Michael Kimbell.

Woodycock a2 (TB)
Players take turns playing 17th-century divisions and accompaniments by Michael Kimbell. PDF includes parts.

Poème for cello and piano by Michael Kimbell,
a 12-minute piece in late romantic style for advanced players. PDF includes score and cello part.

Absage (Cancellation) a3 (TTB)
Fantasia by Michael Kimbell, written in response to a challenge by the Viola da Gamba Gesellschaft; combines A-Bb-Eb-A-G-E theme with melody from “Jesu meine Freude”.
Click here to read the review.

Chaconne a4 (TrTBB) by Michael Kimbell, also for viols a6 (see below).
Description and download links are on a separate page (click title).

Fantasia a5 on “Coment peult avoir joye” (TrTTBB)
by Michael Kimbell, based on an anonymous 15th-century melody. This piece begins a2 and adds vagans voices one at a time.

Miserere mei a5 (TrTTTB)
15-minute motet in 3 sections by Josquin des Pres. For viols alone or to accompany a choir. Tenor 1 is in long notes and can be played by beginners.

Ave Regina Caelorum a6 (TrTB+TrTB)
3-voice antiphon by Guillame Dufay with 3 additional voices by Michael Kimbell.

Chaconne a6 (TrTrTTBB) by Michael Kimbell, based on Chaconne a4 with two optional vagans parts. Description and download links are on a separate page (click title).